Crawl Печат

New goggles concept for sportive water activities. Its ergonomically shape brings an ideal comfort and its hydrodynamic shapes are perfect for swimming.
New correction patent of the optical aberrations for the underwater panoramic vision. Correction obtained due to the calculation of new glasses with progressive curve.
It has a fast and micrometric strap adjustment for a superb adjustment, comfort and an optimal bearing. Skirt and strap in transparent hypoallergenic silicon.
Molded glasses in treated polycarbonate, anti-scratches and anti-fog. The Crawl goggles are in accordance with the European directives.

Réf : 151 170 (Yellow)
Réf : 151 172 (Turquoise)
Réf : 151 179 (Black)
Réf : 151 178 (White)