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Mundial Reel Печат

A reel of latest generation, useful and strong, its innovative design enables it to be adapted to any type of shooting. Fitted with a solid longitudinal slot, it is easily fixed and locked on the shaft receiver. A “universal” and built-up loop enables other fixing modes :
- On any tube from 25 to 28 mm dia with clamping collars
- On the arm
- On the belt
Its entirely reversible mechanism enables to set the brake on the right or left hand side. Its “half-enclosed” casing box has two broad opposite windows.
- One front window for yarn exit
- One rear window for a visual and manual control of the yarn winding.
Capacity : Nylon yarn with a 2 mm ø about 50 m
Nylon yarn with a 1.6 mm ø about 75 m

Réf : 171 654