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Mundial Air Печат

The new Beuchat pneumatic gun features both power and accuracy. This range consists of 5 models:
- Mundial Air 400
- Mundial Air 600 and Mundial Air 600 with adjustable power
- Mundial Air 700 and Mundial Air 700 with adjustable power
They are fitted with a compressed air tank (up to 430 PSI), with exhaust outlets all around the muzzle, with a safety button and with a line release hook system.
2 models are featuring an adjusting lever that can reduce firing power down to 2/3 of the full one. The Mundial Air gun is provided with a Ø 7 mm zinc plated shaft with a replaceable double barbed tip including a spring shock absorbing runner, with en air pump, a tightening handle and retaining line.

Réf : 132 809 (Mundial Air 400)
Réf : 132 811 (Mundial Air 600)
Réf : 132 813 (Mundial Air 600 with adjustable power)
Réf : 132 812 (Mundial Air 700)
Réf : 132 815 (Mundial Air 700 with adjustable power)