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Boat Set Печат

Repair kit for running tests or small repairs on the hulls of pleasure craft.
Consists of: Adjustable fabric harness, 2-liter tank, two-stage regulator and control pressure gauge.
The kit also includes a mask and snorkel, which allow the user to perform necessary operations on the buoyancy line and at low depths.
The 2-liter tank calibrated to 230 bar gives approximately 5 minutes of breathing time at a maximum depth of 10 meters.
The gauge connected to the regulator first stage allows the user to check that the tank is properly filled before beginning work, and is used as a tool to monitor the level of air remaining for the duration of the dive.

Types of operation possible :
Check the condition of a filter, release a propeller snagged in a line, or recover an anchor stranded on a crag at a depth shallower than 10 meters.
Fastening of an anode on a shaft

Réf : 317 101