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X-Contact Печат

Latest mask in the Beuchat masks-range realised by our research department. The X-Contact stems from the Beuchat Mundial mask-experience and from the Primo X2 technology. Its modern design confirms a sportive dynamic tendency. Its low volume makes the clearing of the mask easy, its frame refined and accentuated to down brings the best visual field. It has fast adjustment pivoting buckles with a silicon strap assuring a good fixation on the back of the head. Hypoallergenic transparent or black silicon skirt with the suppleness derived from the Mundial mask (already famous comfort). The X-Contact has tempered glass and is in accordance with the European directives.

Réf : 151 105 (Orange - Cristal silic.)
Réf : 151 102 (Turquoise - Cristal silic.)
Réf : 151 100 (Yellow - Cristal silic.)
Réf : 151 203 (Black - Black silic.)
Réf : 318 0-- (Optical lens +1,0 to +4,0)
Réf : 318 0-- (Optical lens -1,0 to -8,0)