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Focea Comfort 2 Hood Печат

• Max Heat : « Fireskin inside »
• Max Comfort : “Elaskin” pre-shaped wear
• Max Durability "Supratex - Resin ink"

• Modular concept for One Piece and Shorty suits.
- 7mm One Piece suit with an integrated hood
- 5mm Shorty suits with or without hood
• Fully pre-shaped gear (Hoods, One Piece and Shorty suits)
• Movement made easier by the use of finer materials and adapted design in the "Flex System" areas.
• Oversized protective pads made of flexible "Supratex" material in the most exposed areas.
• Use of special resin ink to limit wear and tear at the shoulders, buttocks, and chest.
• Ultra-flexible "reversible" double sleeves at the Wrists and Ankles for ease in putting on and effective water-tightness.
• Bibbed “Elaskin” hood with a specific “Air Escape System” design allowing for residual air evacuation and for effortless decompression with the “Equalizing System”.
• Hood with seamless facial seal (no bothersome seam).
• Safety: Spotted day or night due to the Red or Orange luminescent ink on the top of the hood.
• Seamless joints (armpits, shoulders, knee and elbow interiors)

Men’s Sizes: S - M - M Large - M Long - L - L Large - L Long - XL - XXL - XXXL
Ladies’ Sizes: S - M - L - XL

Réf : 480 96- (7mm)
Réf : 474 61- (7mm Lady)
Réf : 470 94- (Overjacket 5mm)
Réf : 471 96- (Overjacket 5mm Lady)