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Focea Dry Печат

New hoodless, 4-mm pre-compressed Neoprene dry suit, soft and comfortable with excellent thermal performance.

• 4-mm pre-compressed Neoprene, heavy duty jersey, highly resistant externally.
• Assemblies sealed using hot-glued bands inside and outside.
• Latex wrist seals.
• Smooth 4-mm neoprene neck seal to fold over on the skin side for better seal.
• Double collar for the hood holder.
• Watertight metallic back zip from elbow to elbow with internal 2-mm flap.
• Adjustable and automatic over-expansion relief valve on the right arm.
• Swiveling access valve on the chest with large internal flap.
• Large self-draining pocket with 2 accessory halyards.
• Highly-resistant reinforcements on the knees, 2-mm thick.
• Soft boots featuring anti-slip soles and trim for the fin straps.
• 2 reflective safety panels on the arms.

Size table : S – M – M/L – L – XL – XXL

Réf : 459 60-