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Powerjet Печат

• Flexible blades. Negative zone reduced by > 50%.
• Spring Effect and Spoon Effect
• Lightness and Comfort

• A high performance adjustable fin with a better Effort / Thrust ratio
• Choice of two powers of blades thanks to ribs of different stiffness:
Grey ribs: regular flex
Red ribs: firm flex
• Incomparable flexibility due to the lateral ribs integrated into a supple structure which generates a spring effect when kicking.
• Combination of three materials and of complementary technologies
• Malleable blade extremities to optimise the spoon effect and reduce turbulence.
• Large flexible blade inclined to create a "Whip" effect.
• Increased blade surface area for greater efficiency
• Integration of the blade into the foot pocket (right to the heel) for better transfer of the Foot / Blade push
• Flexible blades to reduce the surface of the negative zone and to channel the thrust without stiffening the entire fin.
• Foot pockets adapted to modern boots leading to greater comfort of use.
• Rotating attachment buckles, detachable and easily adjustable.
• Rubber strap with a gripping “ring”.
• Supple guards on the edges of the blade
• Reinforced underneath the foot pockets
• Reduced weight due to its design mix between materials and architectural assembly

• Sizes: S-M, M-L and L-XL

Réf : 154 03- (Black)
Réf : 154 01- (Blue)
Réf : 154 00- (Yellow)